Stephens Valley Church (SVC) is an independent, Reformed congregation.  Most of our members have a history of participation in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Although we are not affiliated with any denomination we are governed by a ruling Council consisting of the senior pastor and elders.  Our assistant pastors are a vital part of the ministry but do not serve on the Council.  Like the senior pastor, elders are also elected by the congregation after an appropriate vetting process. 


Elders are divided into two categories: shepherds and stewards.  All stewards are shepherds, but not all shepherds are stewards.  All Elders have shepherding oversight over a small number of families and individuals within the congregation.  Stewards however have the additional responsibility of serving on the Council and working closely with the senior pastor to oversee each ministry in the church, formulate the philosophy of ministry and vision, establish budgetary priorities, and implement personnel decisions. 


Stephens Valley Church has its own Stephens Valley Church Polity (SVCP) which bears many similarities to the PCA Book of Church Order.  The primary difference is that SVC is at present an independent congregation.  A future denominational affiliation is possible after careful study.  Our SVCP is subservient to our By-Laws.


Stephens Valley Church also has a committee of deacons that reports to the Council.  All officers are vetted and trained before the congregational election.  Our deacons are not organized as a board but rather serve as a committee of the Council, thus giving them greater communication and leadership opportunities than might be the case if they were a separate board.


To become a member of Stephens Valley Church we ask that you attend the Inquirer's Class.  Once the class is completed you will meet with an elder or member of the pastoral staff for a brief interview.  After a successful interview the pastor or elder will then recommend you to the Council for membership. 


Membership vows:

  1. Do you acknowledge yourself to be a sinner in the sight of God, justly deserving His displeasure, and without hope save in His sovereign mercy?
  2. Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of sinners, and do you receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as He is offered in the gospel?
  3. Do you promise, in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit that you will endeavor to live as becomes the followers of Christ?
  4. Do you promise to support the worship and work of the church to the best of your ability?
  5. Do you respect the government and discipline of the church, and promise to promote its purity and peace?

If you would like to register to attend the next Inquirers' Class, click [HERE].