Standing with Hope

Fifteen years ago, Peter and Gracie Rosenberger founded Standing With Hope. The ministry was born out of the suffering Gracie has experienced since losing both legs in a car accident her freshman year of college. Coupled with the care that Peter has provided for her since that time have been the focal points of Standing With Hope. In the name of Jesus Christ, SWH provides prosthetics to amputees in West Africa. Recruiting prosthetists from around the country, SWH teaches and equips local workers within Ghana’s ministry of health to build and maintain prosthetic limbs for their own people as well as neighboring countries.   


Caregivers With Hope

As a result of the effective ministry of Standing With Hope, Peter developed Caregivers WIth Hope, a radio show for family caregivers. He combines his 32 years of  experience, delightful sense of humor, and deep compassion for fellow caregivers to address subjects that are of interest and answer any questions callers have. Broadcast each week from the studios of WLAC on world-famous Music Row in Nashville, you can also listen online or with the IHEART APP on your phone/tablet. Both of these ministries have the single goal of equipping broken and hurting individuals to stand with hope in Jesus Christ. Donate Here.




"Am I ever going to walk again?"

Esther (60) quietly asked Gracie that question in an exam room in Accra, Ghana. Seven years ago, a car struck Esther and she lost both legs. Her son, John, tenderly stood close to his mother. John quit his job to care for her and the signs of weariness on him looked all too familiar. A weary caregiver and a woman missing both legs - the similarities to our own circumstances could not have been more obvious.

Holding her hand, Gracie answered Esther with the same assurance she received so many years ago - that she would indeed walk. With timidity, Esther also shared that her case remained in court and she did not have money. Smiling at her, I shared with her, "We've got this."

When patients cannot pay the nominal co-pay to Ghana Health Service for the limb, Standing With Hopesponsors the limb. In Esther's case, our team will make both of her legs this week and cover the cost. 

Esther's tragedy kept her from seeing a path towards recovery. Yet, into that loss, Gracie - from her own tragic circumstances - extended the hand of experience to help point the way. That's the body of Christ in action. Trusting God with our failures, losses, and heartaches, we discover that He weaves purpose and even joy through those things into our lives - and the lives of others.

With my hand upon his shoulder, John held my eyes and nodded with deep emotion as I shared that we also have practical help for him as a caregiver. This is our mission: For the wounded, and those who care for them. 

"What we have felt and seen, with confidence we tell, and publish to the end of the earth the signs infallible."
Charles Wesley