Personal Mission Work

We are delighted that several of our members are heavily involved in local and foreign missions.  It is our desire to support these endeavors financially in the near future and see more members personally involved in ministries close to their hearts.


Bill & Debbie Kenny

Several years ago Bill and Debbie Kenny were drawn to a body of believers in Nyeri, Kenya. Their work has focused on two areas: 1) business entrepreneurs and 2) eight churches in need of supplies and training. Being an entrepreneur himself and highly successful business owner, Bill is uniquely qualified to help mentor and train these entrepreneurs. He has also helped them gain access to much needed capital. The goal is to show them how healthy businesses can be a tool the Lord uses to serve His kingdom. With the churches, Bill and Debbie have been involved in men's and women's conferences that help train church leaders and Sunday School teachers. Many Bibles have been distributed, one church edifice constructed, and one pastor's home built. Several of these churches minister to orphans and vulnerable children and have provided food for those in need during the recent drought.  


Terry and Beverly Warren - Radooga (Ukraine)

For more than ten years Terry has had the opportunity to serve a Christian ministry in the Ukraine called Radooga. The Ukraine is an impoverished country with many orphans and corrupt leadership. Radooga’s unique vision is to change Ukraine by reaching and shaping future leaders for Christ. These are middle and upper class students whose parents are already in leadership positions. Terry was introduced to Radooga by Missions Development International (MDI) in 2005 and has been blessed to serve as mentor, consultant, coach, board chairman, and friend of Radooga and especially the founders Oleg and Lena Vasilevsky. Over the years hundreds of young people have come to Christ and numerous youth pastors have been trained to effectively disciple the youth in their local communities.  




Eddie Hutton & John Avery - Men of Valor

Men of Valor is a local prison ministry that serves over 150 inmates at three local prisons. The state of Tennessee wants to see more MOV involvement in other prisons!  Inmates are encouraged with the hope of the gospel, welcomed into the family of God, and trained in the Biblical principles of manhood. Additionally, Men of Valor ministers to the wives and children of these inmates. Nationally 70% of the men who are released from prison will return. However, for the inmates who complete Men of Valor’s 6-month program inside the prison and 12-month program outside the prison the recidivism rate is below 15%. It has been Eddie’s joy to be involved with Men of Valor for 11 years. He has served on the board of directors for the last 5 years. Each Thursday he leads a class for inmates.


Like Eddie, John has been involved with Men of Valor for many years, dating all the way back to 2000. In fact, John served as chairman of the board for 7 years! During this time he was introduced to Vinnie Johnson and became his mentor. After Vinnie was released in 2005 John helped him secure a job that he has held since being released.  Additionally, Vinnie started his own moving company which has been very successful. Vinnie is married and has children.



Dr. Lanny Copeland - Heart to Heart 

Dr. Lanny Copeland has been involved with Heart to Heart ministry for many years in Uzebekistan, Azerbaijan, Haiti, and Cuba. More recently his efforts have been focused on the William Soler Hospital in Havana, the country’s tertiary Pediatric hospital, where he has helped furnish much-needed supplies for the operating room there. Future plans hopefully involve the establishment of a lectureship series, bringing American physicians, nurses, and administrators to their hospital to exchange ideas.




Tim Cummings - Sabbatical Search Career Group

Tim Cummings has been leading a biblically based career group since August 2014. Drafted, somewhat unwillingly to head a ministry to the unemployed, under-employed and people seeking God's direction for their careers, he has come to see the beautiful reality of God's love and care as shown through our interface with work. An understanding of the theology of work will show that God gifts the time between work assignments as a Sabbatical - a time to expand and develop our network of connections, sharpen our technical skills and spend time with Him on discovering how the passions He has given us are to be fleshed out in our next work assignment. Through involvement with the Sabbatical Search Career Group, many people have refocused on the time spent between jobs from being an evaluation of self-worth to becoming a special time to experience God's love and caring for us through all situations. Know someone who is now on sabbatical? Tell them about our current meeting place and time (listed on the Church Calendar), share our website, with them, or have them contact Tim at