Wedding Policy

A member of Stephens Valley Church who wishes to be married by our pastor must be approved by him.  For approval he or she must:

  • have a credible profession of faith and embrace the Bible as the authoritative word of God
  • receive a minimum of five hours of premarital counseling from our pastor or someone he approves
  • be a member in good standing of Stephens Valley Church
  • be marrying another believer who can furnish a recommendation from his or her pastor

For non-members the criteria are the same except that both persons must provide letters of recommendation from their respective pastors stating that they are members in good standing of their churches.  

There are no fees for a member wedding though gratuities are welcome.  For a non-member wedding the pastor fee is $450 unless out of town travel is also required.  Additional fees may be charged by the hosting church or facility.

Once the wedding is approved the church is able to provide a wedding coordinator to work with the couple if so desired.  The fee is negotiable for our coordinator’s service.  For further information please call the church office at (615) 398-2492  or by email at