Funeral Policy

Stephens Valley Church is committed to providing the best loving care during your time of grief.  We want to come alongside you and your family to relieve as much stress as possible.  When a loved one who is a church member dies please contact either the pastor, the church office (615-965-5519), or the funeral coordinator, Kristen Bachmann by phone at (615) 398-2492 or by email at, immediately.  Our funeral coordinator will take care of all the logisticasl matters (florist, location, ushers, programs, etc.).  Our pastor will want to meet with you right away to plan the service.


There are no Stephens Valley Church-related fees for church members.  However, depending on where the service is located the family may need to pay the sound engineer and any other people necessary for the service (organist, pianist, soloist, etc.).  Any church rental cost will be covered by Stephens Valley Church.  We are grateful that several local churches have agreed to offer their facility for a funeral service if you prefer a church sanctuary.

For non-members all costs must be borne by the family.  For a small fee our coordinator is available to help you with logistics and other matters.