Advent Resources

The word advent itself means “arrival” or “an appearing or coming into place.” Christians often speak of Christ’s “first advent” and “second advent”; that is, His first and second comings to earth. His first advent would be the Incarnation—Christmastime.

The Advent season lasts for four Sundays. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, or the nearest Sunday to November 30. Advent ends on Christmas Eve. The Advent celebration is both a commemoration of Christ’s first coming and an anticipation of His second coming. As Israel longed for their Messiah to come, so Christians long for their Savior to come again.

Advent in Home/Family Worship

  • Advent Wreaths
  • Advent Devotionals

    Come Let Us Adore Him

    Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

  • Advent Calendars
  • Advent Resources are available from Logos Book Store, 4012 Hillsboro Pike, #6, Nashville, TN 37215